Mission Statement

 The mission of the Trinity Presbyterian Church Center for Faith and Art is to:

  • Help us to see ourselves being shaped by God, the Master Potter, through our life experiences.
  • Reach out to those who are searching for a vibrant faith life by introducing them to the loving, Christ-centered family that is Trinity Presbyterian Church.
  • Provide church members with opportunities for fellowship.
  • Allow people to discover and develop their God-given talents.
  • Expose participants to prayer and to aids to their spiritual lives.

Faith through Art

It started off with the love of God, a commitment to the local church and a talent for working with clay. These things – combined with boundless energy and enthusiasm, the encouragement from the church’s pastor, long-range planning committee and the Session – meant that in no time at all the Trinity Presbyterian Church Center for Faith and Art, the brainchild of its director, Candy Wheat, was born.

With a single class called Faith thru the Arts, a part of the church’s Wednesday evening programming in 2007, the dream became a reality. Because of the number of people participating, both from the congregation and the community, classes were expanded to include pottery (hand-building, sculpting, and pottery wheel), watercolor, drawing, knitting, and jewelry-making.

The Center for Faith and Art has a special mission in offering regular pottery classes to groups of children and adults with special needs and learning disabilities. The center is a marvel of children and adults working together, making labyrinths, lanterns, and prayer vessels. At any given time, you are likely to see a handprint of dust on a doorknob, a chunk of clay stuck to a child’s tennis shoe, an adult with a clay-covered apron, and Candy at the wheel. The Center for Faith and Art allows people to come together to create art, express themselves, and enjoy the fellowship of faith. Come join us!

The Trinity Center for Faith and Art
Trinity Presbyterian Church
10200 Shelbyville Road
Louisville, KY 40223
(502) 245-5515
Email: tpclouisville@att.net