Marc Bushue
Bert Lundstrom
Bonnie Mullin
Ron Dawson
Amy Elder
Carol Hartmann
Cathy Conn
Kenny Hines
Matt Perry

The Elders are those specially called from within the congregation to the ministry of spiritual leadership and representation of God’s people.  The Session calling is to discern God’s leading, to encourage Christ’s disciples in their ministry, to offer Godly care and counsel to the membership, and to proclaim the Word of God to the world.

Jill McCullough
Rebecca Perry
Carol Redd
Kay Hardy-Hines
Marty Johnson
Sandy Koukola
Lois Bringhurst
Cathy Dawson
Brittney Maslowski

The Deacons are those specially called from within the congregation to the ministry of sympathy, comfort, care, and compassion to those who are suffering or sick.  The Deacons calling is to ensure that care is offered to all who are in need, and to mutually encourage one another in Christ for the work of this ministry.