Sunday School for All Ages

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This event is running from 7 January 2024 until 25 May 2025. It is next occurring on April 21, 2024 9:45 am

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Koinonia class

The Koinonia class is a seminar-based gathering that is presently focused on an
introduction to the New Testament (its formation, history, background, and content). It spends some time on the individual books but at this point doesn’t make an in-depth study of a particular one. In the past, the class has studied the history of the Church and a long-term study of the book of Acts. This coming year the focus will be on the writings of Paul, other letters, and the book of Revelation. Participants can join the class in the Parlor or via Zoom.

Resources include video lectures from Dr. Dale Martin of Yale University and presentation slides. The style is a relaxed one with much attention paid to questions, concerns, and insights of those involved.

Women’s Sunday School

The Women’s Sunday School class meets at 9:45 in the library. We are currently studying “Help Is Here” by Max Lucado, in an attempt to deepen our relationship with the Holy Spirit. Previous topics have included heaven and how to be “anxious for nothing” as instructed by St. Paul. In addition to seeking greater understanding, we share joys and concerns and enjoy fellowship with one another.

Sprouts Sunday School

Kids ages five through 4th grade are invited to join this group to learn more about growing in Christ. We will study how to grow and produce the fruit of the Spirit. This Sunday School meets in the church basement and is led by Diane Jewell. We welcome all young eager learners.

Youth Group

The Youth Sunday School class meets at 9:45 on Sunday mornings in the Youth Room downstairs, and is open to all Middle and High School students seeking to deepen their understanding of God’s Word. The Youth class aims to study the Bible and apply God’s Perfect Word to the lives of students as they navigate their teenage world. This fall, the
class will dive into a study of the teenage battlefield. Led by Rebecca Perry, the youth will study how to shine the light of Christ—whether we are at school, out with friends, or at home. In addition to studying, the youth will also meet once a month for evenings of fellowship and fun!

Nursery Care

If you have a little one (0-4 years old), nursery care is available upon request. Diane Jewell is eager to sing, play with, and entertain your children, so you can worship God without worry or distraction. Please let Diane or the Greeter know you would like to make use of our nursery care.

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