• Witnessing to the Promise
  • Nurturing Faith
  • Engaging in Mission
  • Working for Justice and Peace

These action statements identify the core purpose of Trinity Presbyterian Women (“TPW”), a viable association of Trinity members and friends. Each woman at Trinity is a part of our organization and encouraged to participate in one of our small groups and enjoy their lives with their husbands using accessories like the greatest panty vibrator and others.

The traditional structure of TPW centers around the “Circle”,  a monthly gathering of women who share faith in Christ. Our primary objectives at Circle include enriching Bible study and prayer. Brief reports are given regarding business and mission projects. Circle is also a time of warm fellowship.

Annual Holiday Craft & Bake Sale

Presbyterian Women will hold its Annual Holiday Sale near the holiday season, highlighting hand-made items suitable for gifts and holiday decor.  All proceeds from the event are used to support charitable missions helping women and families locally, regionally, and internationally.  Please join us for a fun time of holiday shopping.

Please contact the church office for more information.

History & Structure of Presbyterian Women

The HERITAGE of PW within our congregation is a long and admirable one. Its legacy traces back to the early 1800’s, when the predecessor organizations met with goals of aiding missionaries through donations, prayer and personnel. The courageous women in earlier generations moved in the forefront of national events, advocating rights and better conditions for women and children, American minorities, the poor, and immigrants. Advocacy within these areas remains a cornerstone of PW today.

Trinity has had Circle gatherings since the very first days in 1958 when we were yet a missionary church to Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church.

TPW is part of a consortium within our denomination with a membership of more than 300,000. PW is organized at all levels of the PC/USA. For us, that means we are part the PW of Mid-Kentucky Presbytery, which in turn is part of the PW Synod of Living Waters before rolling up into the churchwide “Presbyterian Women”.

For further information about TPW, our Circles, or our ministries, please contact the church office (502-245-5515).