Andrew Cannava
Jennifer Hacker
Brad Harville
Jack Wheat
Bob Gray
Max Oyler
Jennifer Petty
Mike Stevens
Sandra Hollensead

The Elders are those specially called from within the congregation to the ministry of spiritual leadership and representation of God’s people.  The Session calling is to discern God’s leading, to encourage Christ’s disciples in their ministry, to offer Godly care and counsel to the membership, and to proclaim the Word of God to the world.

Mardi Crosser
Deb Kelly
Kathy MacDonald
Anuji Abraham
Susan Bauer
Sheryl Oyler
Jude Bloor-Brandt
Bill Husband
Brenda Miller

The Deacons are those specially called from within the congregation to the ministry of sympathy, comfort, care, and compassion to those who are suffering or sick.  The Deacons calling is to ensure that care is offered to all who are in need, and to mutually encourage one another in Christ for the work of this ministry.